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Nestled in Greenfield, Massachusetts, on 30 acres of rustic natural farm land Tanstaafl Farm is home to a variety of sheep, turkeys, and chickens. The farm is regularly managed with the help of its border collies who help with the daily farm chores and overall management of the farm's livestock.

Tanstaafl Farm is environmentally friendly. All animals are raised free-range without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Sheep are naturally raised on pasture to produce lean meat and clean quality fleeces for hand spinning or felting. Chickens are free-range producing an abundance of farm fresh eggs. Turkeys are also free-ranged. Both are some of the best you will eat.

Visitors are welcome by appointment only. Please see our contact/visit us section for more details.

Tanstaafl Farm Products and Services

Our farm offers a wide variety of products & services including, but not limited to

Border Collies
Herding Training & Lessons
Freezer Or Feeder or Lambs
Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs
Wool for Spinning or Felting
Chicken, Turkey, and Whole, Half and Cuts of Lamb    
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